Hi! I'm Dianne, your self + spiritual expansion mentor!

My journey into self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-expansion started when I was pretty young. A 5 according to the Enneagram and a Projector according my my Human Design, I fit these profiles to a T!

I have always had an interest in the inner workings of life. I've always been a questioner, always been curious, always felt a need to see every angle in order to understand. My curiosity led me to spending the first part of my college years enrolled in philosophy, religion, and psychology classes. I fell in love with psychology and the knowledge + guidance + wisdom I bring to the table now is backed by my Master's degree in psychology.

While completing my Master's I decided it was time to start taking better care of myself. Naturally (hi, Projector, 5), that meant I had to understand as much as I could about the body and nutrition and how it all works together. My passion shifted here for a while and fresh out of graduate school, I started my first business - Primal Nosh, a meal prep company.

The catalyst to where I am now - teaching and mentoring self and spiritual development - came when I'd found myself deeply unhappy in my marriage and on the brink of nearly bankrupting my first business. I felt watered down, lost, trapped, and scared shitless.

I was pushed quickly into two situations that required I make a really big choice - keep moving through life as I had been OR, turn inward, take a good hard look at myself, and get the fuck out of my own way.

At first, I looked to outside sources to create the change I was seeking for myself. To fill the void, to feel less lost, to feel more connected. I did the things you're "supposed" to do - the band-aid techniques that don't really require you take a look at yourself. But this just didn't cut it.

The choice to look at yourself as the source of your problems isn't always an easy one, but the way I had been living wasn't working for me and I knew that if I wanted to create the change I REALLY wanted for myself...

Fully embodided self-confidence

A rock solid marriage filled with love and an amazing sex life

Increased wealth and abundance

Comfort owning and stepping fully into who I am an the ability to shed the relationships that didn't support that

...I HAD to start with myself first. I had to see myself and the beliefs that kept me repeating the patterns that no longer served me. I had to own aspects of myself I'd denied. I learned to explore my shadow and mine it for the GIFTS it held for me.

This journey was, and continues to be, incredibly beautiful. I've worked with countless of my own mentors and taken time on my own to withdraw and listen to my own inner knowing. I've discovered the power and the wisdom I know we ALL contain, and I've stepped into a life I'm madly in love with.

Now it is my mission to help you do the same. To guide you to see through your bullshit and discover the gifts and knowledge that you innately hold so that you can live a life full of purpose, fulfillment, and love.

I see you, I love you, I'm so grateful you're here 🖤


"Dianne is such an Earth Changer! She has this nifty way of cutting through your own bullshit and getting to the root of what's blocking you. She also has this amazing gift to see the bird's eye view of things and help you plot your next moves with power and wisdom. She is packed full of tools and tips to truly unleash your greatest potential."

- Shannon R.